What is a Cannabis Licensing Attorney?

Since the passing of recent laws, the sale and distribution of cannabis is legal in California. As a result, many types of licenses are available for cannabis commerce, like licenses for testing labs, for retailers and distributors, for transporters, and for growers. Licenses can be temporary or annual, and the licensing process is complex due to the changing nature of the laws. Additionally, the license and registration fees can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the type of license and the size of the proposed operation. A cannabis licensing attorney like David P. Gardner in Santa Rosa, California can help get you started on your new cannabis business on solid ground.

Things to Consider When Applying for a Cannabis License

In California, the cannabis industry itself is regulated by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.  Cannabis cultivation, however, is regulated by the Department of Food and Agriculture. Since the growing, sale, and distribution of cannabis is still not federally legal, it must not be transported across state lines. Anyone who wants to start a business or farm must first find a compliant property on which to do so. Then, a business plan must be made, detailing who will be hired (growers, contractors, CPA, etc.). A conditional use permit (CUP) must also be obtained.  A skilled cannabis licensing attorney can outline this process for you and guide you through the license application in Santa Rosa, California.

Speak to a Cannabis Licensing Attorney During a Free Legal Consultation

If you’re thinking about opening a cannabis retail or distribution business of your own or of becoming a grower, getting started will require a lot of your time, energy and financial resources.  Make sure it’s being done right. Speak to a cannabis licensing attorney during a free legal consultation. At the David P. Gardner law firm in Santa Rosa, we understand the latest cannabis laws and have the expertise to get you effectively set up. Call (707) 658-4460 and let us help you.

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