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Trademark law is a very specialized field that can be complicated, and we’re here to make the process simple and understandable for you so that you can protect it. Trademark law consists of a set of laws and legal regulations that are set up to protect trademarks. Protecting your trademark against trademark infringement requires the services of a California trademark infringement attorney. Whether you are protecting your trademark or you want to register for one, you’ll want to have an expert on your side to help guide you through the process. Mr. Gardner is here to make sure the law is followed when trademark disputes occur and he will work to prevent them for those that have similar interests. He has been practicing as a Petaluma trademark lawyer for over 33 years. He is a highly experienced business law attorney and an intellectual property lawyer in Petaluma CA who can take care of all aspects of business law, from trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, debt relief, to bankruptcy and negotiated debt settlement.

Mr. Gardner is a renowned trademark infringement lawyer and he knows how to protect the rights of individuals who hold a trademark for a product or service. He has been practicing as a trademark attorney in Petaluma, CA for over 33 years. He fully understands the importance of trademarks as the key component in brand recognition and product marketing. Once the individual or inventor files for and procures a trademark, it is not the end of the story. Protecting the trademark from infringement is the next step in ensuring that your business and hard work does not suffer losses. Most trademark infringement cases begin when another party infringes on the rights of a trademark.

When you talk about trademark infringement, three distinct legal instruments are involved: patents, logos and copyrights. A California trademark infringement attorney will make sure that all these legal instruments are protected at all times.

A Petaluma trademark lawyer will first of all identify and determine if a trademark is actually being infringed. The primary business, also known as the senior buyer, will use a selected mark in reference to its items or companies. In order to prevent trademark infringement problems, a likelihood of confusion has to be established. Consult an intellectual property lawyer in Petaluma CA to protect your hard work against acts of infringement.

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