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Trade secret law is a branch of intellectual property law that addresses the protection of proprietary information against unauthorized commercial use by another party. Many states have adopted some form of UTSA, also known as the Uniform Trade Secret Act, which is sought to provide some consistency in trade secret law.

If another party steals, uses, or copies your trade secret without your permission, then having a trade secret means that you have a legal cause of action for damages. In order to file an action for damages, you can contact a trade secret attorney in Petaluma CA to first of all prove that you originally created and owned the trade secret.

The Petaluma CA trade secret attorney at the Law Offices Of David P. Gardner in Petaluma, California has been helping businesses and intellectual property owners to protect their intellectual property rights. We have defended cases of trademark violations, copies of trade secrets and more. Our trade secret law attorney in CA fully understands the importance of protecting your trade secrets and he will do everything possible to do so.

We know that you take your businesses trade secrets seriously, and when you’ve dealt with someone mishandling these, you can turn to Mr. Gardner. He has experience with trade secrets that range from defending misappropriate use to nondisclosure agreements. He’ll gather all of the information about your particular case, and then proceed forward in the best direction for you.

Our California trade secret attorney has more than 33 years of experience in this area of law. By getting help from a trade secret attorney in Petaluma CA, you can make sure that your trade secret claim is in the right hands. If you contact our office for legal assistance, our Petaluma CA trade secret attorney will make sure that all three essential elements of a trade secret claim are met and fulfilled. These elements include:

  • Qualifying for trade secret protection by the subject matter involved
  • Ensuring that reasonable precautions were established by the holder of the subject matter
  • Proving that the information was misappropriated or wrongfully taken

As a trade secret law attorney in CA, Mr. Gardner understands all the responsibilities of a trade secret lawyer and he will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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