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 David Gardner went above and beyond to take care of me, while being sensitive to the anxiety and uncertainties that can come with filing bankruptcy. He was very accommodating, professional and patient as well; character traits that served to be reassurring that all would go well in this challenging phase of my life. I highly recommend him! 

 David was extremely relatable and knowledgeable about the entire bankruptcy process (and affordable!). It relieved a tremendous amount of stress and made the process easier. He is easy to contact, punctual, and comes prepared. I will use his services in the future and would recommend him to anyone going through a difficult time. 

 David Gardner was extremely informative, personable, and professional in helping us through the BK process. It goes without saying that a BK brings on an anxiety that just doesn't seem to go away. David helped alleviate most of the anxiety by explaining the process and calming our worries. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had and guided us through the whole process. He even came to our house on a few occasions to go over things and sign papers when we couldn't go to his office. Now that our BK is over, and that monkey is off our backs, we can finally move on with our lives. If you need an attorney to help you through the BK process, David is hands down the your best option. Thanks again David! 

 From our very first meeting over 10 years ago, David Gardner has consistently been warm, friendly, and approachable. These are all incredibly comforting character qualities to be met with for someone who is seeking help in sorting through difficult legal matters. David has shown himself faithful over the years; always knowledgeable, always available, always prompt and accurate. While other lawyers I have witnessed seem to leave out many important details pertaining to a case, David left no stone unturned when it came to making sure we were thoroughly prepared for our court cases. I am happy to highly recommend David Gardner's services to you. 

 After being referred to David P. Gardner, and utilizing his services, I can highly recommend him on all levels. His straightforward know-how, confidence, and patience, were a constant through a long, tedious process. Which made a completely unknown and stressful situation endurable. 

 I recommend the law offices of David P. Gardner without reservations. David is an excellent communicator, clearly articulating my legal options, promptly informing me of developments in my case, and accurately and concisely informing me of the relevant details. He is outstanding at presenting both an overview of the law as well as drilling down into the precise mechanics of my particular situation as needed. Best of all, David has a great sense of humor, is relaxed and confident without being cocky, and was a complete pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for an attorney with expertise, straightforward interpersonal skills, and the calm resolve to get the job done thoroughly, I suggest David P. Gardner. 

Success Stories

$300,000 of Student Loans Discharged

The legal requirements for discharging student loan debts in California are draconian and punitive, and the procedures are long and involved, but I obtained a discharge of $300,000 of student loan debts for one of my clients in 2018. I am not aware of any other bankruptcy attorney who has ever been able to accomplish that.

Homes Kept

I have successfully helped many clients save their homes from foreclosure, in some cases where my clients waited until the last second by filing emergency petitions just minutes before the scheduled auction. 

Retirement Accounts Saved

I have saved so many clients' retirement accounts I can't even keep track!

Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Debts Discharged

I have successfully obtained discharges of debts that in some cases have totaled nearly half of million dollars.