Legal Support for Cannabis Businesses

Since January of 2018, it is legal to open a cannabis business or dispensary in the state of California, depending on which local county is chosen. This new cannabis industry, both recreational and medical, is regulated by the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. However, the possession and sale of marijuana is still illegal under federal law, making the sale of the drug to another state also illegal.

Because it is evolving, cannabis business law can be confusing and complex. Hiring a cannabis business attorney who is an expert on this ever-changing law is the only way to ensure that a solid foundation is laid for any new cannabis business in Petaluma, California. The David P. Gardner Law Firm meets these qualifications and stands ready to assist.

Requirements for Becoming a Cannabis Business in Petaluma, California

To start a cannabis business in Petaluma, California, the person who will be primarily responsible for running the business and who has at least a 20% financial interest in it must apply for the needed licenses. There are two types of licenses for the sale of marijuana: type “A” for sale of recreational marijuana, and type “M” for the sale of the drug for medical use. Licenses are issued by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). In addition to applying for a license, you must make sure that you set up your business in a county where it is legal to do so, and meet all regulations. Legal support from an expert cannabis business attorney is crucial to get you through this process.

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