Lawyer Endorsements

“I have worked closely with Mr. Gardner on a number of complex litigation cases. Such cases all involved claims exceeding $1 million, numerous parties, multiple, complex issues. Working with Mr. Gardner may have had the opportunity to serve basis litigation, investigation claims: preparation motions and discovery, retention of expert consultants, site inspections, oral argument preparing and taking testimony of percipient expert witnesses, client meetings settlement conferences and in camera discussions with judges. In my opinion, Mr. Gardner’s legal writing is outstanding, and is a pleasure to read. His knowledge of the procedural substantive law is extensive and detailed, this research is extremely thorough and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the issues raised by the subject matter, his analysis is incisive, subtle and creative, and his writing is clear and persuasive. Mr. Gardner’s capacity for effective communication extends to the interpersonal. He has demonstrated an ability to be both courteous and uncompromising, as appropriate, in interactions with opposing counsel, and he is highly regarded by his colleagues for his affability and helpfulness as well as for its insights and clarity of expression. I was also impressed by Mr. Gardner’s ability to gain the friendship and loyalty of our staff. Mr. Gardner also possesses an extremely strong work ethic and sense of professional responsibility. Mr. Gardner has always brought energy, enthusiasm and commitment every activity in which she has engaged. In sum, it has been my pleasure to work with Mr. Gardner. He is an extremely well-qualified, capable and professional attorney would be a valuable asset and I recommend him without qualification.”
J Moher, Esq.

“Mr. Gardner is a capable and dedicated attorney. I was particularly impressed with his willingness to master the intricacies of practice the federal court system Mr. Gardner was also very effective in his dealings with our clients. Mr. Gardner constantly exhibited the desire and drive to expand his capabilities to meet the highest standards in his work it was my pleasure to work with Mr. Gardner. He is an interesting and well-rounded individual, dedicated to his profession, and I recommend him without qualification.”
D Dye, Esq.

“Mr. Gardner proved to be a capable, thorough and hard-working attorney is knowledge and mastery of civil litigation is extensive. His writing is clear, concise and persuasive. Mr. Gardner interacts effectively with clients, opposing counsel, technical consultants and special masters, and is well-liked and respected by the attorneys and staff here in short, Mr. Gardner is an experienced, capable and professional attorney. I recommend him without reservation.”
R Epstein, Esq.

“Mr. Gardner and I worked together on several complex commercial and other litigation matters for approximately three years beginning in 2001. We have maintained contact in the years since, both professionally and personally. In our work together I have had the opportunity to observe Mr. Gardner’s diligence, hard work and legal acumen. His research is thorough and his writing is clear, forceful and effective, as is his ability at oral argument in court and at administrative hearings. His demeanor is professional and his character and ethics meet the highest standards.”
A Nopar, Esq.

“Mr. Gardner possesses excellent communication skills, including the ability to communicate complicated legal subjects in easily understood language. Mr. Gardner’s work is of the highest caliber, his work ethic is very strong, and he demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and integrity. He has strong organizational skills and prioritized and managed multiple time-sensitive projects simultaneously with a high level of attention to detail and accuracy. In addition, Mr. Gardner is an excellent team player and worked well with the attorneys and staff at my firm. In short, I believe Mr. Gardner will continue to excel in his future endeavors and I recommend him without reservation.”
K Mccarthy, Esq.

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