How to Stop Credit Collectors in Petaluma

The activities of California debt collectors are regulated under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law prohibits harassment by third party collectors like collection agencies, but not the creditors. Documenting any of these harassing activities, like excessive phone calls or threats, is very important. Create a file of them that can be shared with an attorney. If you decide its time to file for bankruptcy, that alone will stop the harassment, because as soon as you file, the court will order an automatic stay. This means that any creditors that continue to harass you will be violating the law and will be paying you a fine. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Petaluma, California to help you protect your rights.

Should You File for Bankruptcy?

If the amount of your debt is overwhelming, you may be thinking about filing for bankruptcy.  That’s one option, but not the only one. You may also consider debt consolidation, which is not as hurtful to your credit and may allow you to remove the interest from some of your debt, especially credit card debt. This may enable you to make affordable payments over time.  However, bankruptcy may be a better option if you’ve defaulted on a lot of debt and already have wage garnishments or a home that is about to go into foreclosure. To find out what your best option is, consult David P. Gardner, an experienced bankruptcy and debt consolidation attorney in Petaluma, California.

Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with a Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

If you’ve got financial problems and are wondering what to do, don’t try to figure it out all alone.  Schedule a free legal consultation with a skilled bankruptcy lawyer today. The David P. Gardner Law Firm works with cases like yours every day and can be reached at (707) 658-4460. Give us a call, and stop losing sleep!

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