How Do You Copyright Original Creative Work?

While a trademark is used to protect a name or logo, a copyright is used to protect original creative work like blogs, screenplays, books, songs, paintings, or even computer software and applications you’ve worked hard. You can officially register a copyright for your work with the United States Copyright Office, which is a federal agency. To do this, you must send them a copy of the work with an application. This copy is not returnable, and can be in the form of a CD-ROM, printed script, or an audio recording. Information about when and where the work was completed is also required. A copyright attorney in Santa Rosa, California can assist you with this registration process and make sure that everything is done correctly so that your original work is legally protected.

Copyrights Laws and Procedures

A piece of original work need not have been published in order to be copyrighted. Additionally, a person applying for a copyright may use a pen name instead of a real name. Once there is a copyright, the owner of the copyright has exclusive rights to publish, display, sell digital recordings of the work, or to create any adaptations of the work. The copyright applies to the United States only and may not apply to a foreign country. Copyrights only protect actual, tangible work, like written or recorded material. They do not protect ideas. Once a copyright is obtained, it’s good for the creator’s lifetime, plus 70 years.

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So, if you have an original work that you want to protect, contact a copyright attorney for legal advice. David P. Gardner is an expert on copyright law and will ensure that your registration filed correctly, protecting your hard work. To schedule a free initial consultation, call (707) 658-4460 today.

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