How Do I Choose a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If you’re overwhelmed with debt, you may be considering bankruptcy as an option for creating a clean financial slate. A good bankruptcy lawyer will evaluate your financial situation and help you to explore alternatives, like debt consolidation. He or she will also be empathetic and willing to listen to your concerns. With 33 years of experience and a full understanding of the bankruptcy laws in Petaluma, California, David P. Gardner has helped clients with bankruptcies and with debt counseling, and is eager to advocate for you in your journey to repair your financial health.

Factors in a Bankruptcy Filing

If you are behind on your house payments and are being threatened with foreclosure, bankruptcy may make it possible for you to keep your home and catch up on your payments. Filing for bankruptcy will also stop harassment from creditors and may eliminate your obligation to pay many of your debts, such as credit card balances. Bankruptcy can even prevent repossession of a vehicle or garnishment of wages. However, it does not protect any cosigners on your debts and it does not remove your responsibility to pay certain types of debts or payments, such as alimony, child support, criminal fines, and student loans.

There are several different types of bankruptcy for which you can file. A skilled bankruptcy attorney like David P. Gardner in Petaluma, California, can help determine what type of bankruptcy is most appropriate for you to file.

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