Hire a Trademark Lawyer for Cannabis

If you’re thinking of opening a cannabis business in California, you’re one of many! The cannabis business is booming, and you want to choose a trademark to protect and distinguish your new cannabis-related product or service from everyone else’s. But, if you’re planning on registering your trademark, there are regulations you must follow for your registration to be valid. A knowledgeable cannabis trademark lawyer from the David P. Gardner Law Firm of Petaluma, California can help you efficiently register your trademark.

Cannabis Trademark Law in California

While cannabis retail sale and distribution have recently been made legal in the state of California, they are still illegal under federal law. This means that if a retailer, distributor, or grower wishes to create and register a trademark for their product or service, he or she can only apply for this trademark in the state of California. This registration is done with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Even though you’re registering your trademark only in one state, you must still classify the trademark according to the classification standards of the federal United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This can get complicated, but don’t worry. A skilled cannabis trademark lawyer in Petaluma, California can guide you through this process.

Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with a Petaluma Trademark Lawyer

If you’re ready to register a unique trademark for your cannabis-related product or service, schedule a free legal consultation with a Petaluma trademark lawyer. The David P. Gardner firm fully understands the new cannabis trademark laws and can help you make your mark on this growing industry. Call (707) 658-4460 and talk with us today.

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