Hire a Marijuana Dispensary Attorney for Legal Representation

Now that laws regarding the use of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes are becoming more liberal, you may be interested in opening your own marijuana dispensary.  To sell marijuana legally, you need both a state and a local or county license. To get licensed effectively so that you can conduct your business without perpetual harassment and doubt, it’s wise to hire a marijuana dispensary attorney for legal representation in Petaluma, California.  David P. Gardner fully understands all marijuana dispensary laws and can help you do things right.

Marijuana Dispensary Laws in Petaluma, California

The sale of recreational marijuana is now legal in California, although this varies with local areas, and is still illegal under federal law. State licenses for sellers of marijuana are issued by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. There are two types of sales licenses: the “A” license for the sale of recreational marijuana, and the “M” license for the sale of medical marijuana.  Whoever is going to be the owner of the dispensary – who has an interest of 20% or more in the business – or who will be directing the dispensary must apply for the license(s). Detailed information must be provided in the license application, such as the names of all owners, the location of the dispensary and whether or not it’s near a school, and a diagram of the building plan. A $5000 surety bond must also be paid to the State of California. The laws governing dispensaries can be tricky, so it’s smart to have a marijuana dispensary attorney on your side.

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So, if you’re contemplating opening a marijuana dispensary, speak to an experienced marijuana dispensary lawyer in Petaluma, California today. Call David P. Gardner at (707) 658-4460 for a free initial consultation and get your new business set up!

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