Do You Need a Lawyer for Copyright?

Whether you’ve written a book, recorded your original music, or developed new software, you’ve worked hard and put a lot of energy into your creation. You don’t need the pain of having someone else try to steal it for their own profit and gain. Copyrighting your original work is a way of ensuring that, should your work be stolen or altered and then used by someone else, you have legal recourse to pursue damages. Serving the Santa Rosa community, David P. Gardner is a skilled copyright lawyer that can help you get your copyright registered efficiently and effectively, ensuring your creative work is protected.

Copyright Laws in Santa Rosa

Copyright law in the state of California is regulated by the U.S. Copyright Act. A copyright does not protect ideas, only works that are put into a tangible, or real, form. This means it must be on paper, on a CD-ROM, on an audio recording, or similar forms. A copyright gives the creator or author the exclusive right to perform, distribute, display, or reproduce the work. Even though federal law protects original work if it is not copyrighted, it is still wise to register for a copyright if the work is to be displayed publicly, as you can’t effectively pursue any legal action against someone who tries to steal your work if your copyright isn’t registered. A registered copyright is good for the life of the creator, plus an additional 70 years.

Speak to an Experienced Copyright Lawyer in California Today

So, if you’ve got an original work that you intend to sell or display to the public and want to protect your exclusive rights to do so, registering for a copyright is the smart thing to do. Speak to an experienced Santa Rosa copyright lawyer like David P. Gardner today. The Law Offices of David P. Gardner offers a no-cost initial consultation. Call us at (707) 658-4460 and help us make your dreams come true.

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